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Twitter for Business: Everything You Need to Know

With social networking sites getting popular nowadays, social media is also becoming indispensable tools in online marketing. It can actually make online marketing easier and more convenient because of its viral nature. However, you may need to learn a few tips to make it an effective marketing tool. When talking about the best social media […]

10 super-practical things to do if you’re feeling a bit hopeless about your business

You did not expect this to happen to your business. You are not happy about it. In fact, you are feeling pretty low about how things are happening. It may feel like you have no control. You may feel like you want to do something but you just don’t know what to do. As an […]

Entrepreneurship Stress Happens (But Here’s How To Reduce It)

Involving yourself on all aspects of your newly opened business is both the most exciting and tiring stage when you’re an entrepreneur. Of course, with too little time to accomplish everything, there are plenty of things that need to be done. Hence, a good entrepreneur knows how to solve things, when to work, and when […]

Definition — Cooperative Business Structure

When starting a new business, the first thing a business owner is supposed to decide is the type of business he wants. The important factors which can help a great deal in the decision-making process include your business type, capital needs, number of employees to be hired, pay distribution plan, liabilities, legal restrictions, and tax […]